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Cupcakes & Cake Pops Pricing | Nancy’s Fancies & Cake Pops | Strongsville, OH

Cupcakes & Cake Pops Pricing | Nancy’s Fancies & Cake Pops | Strongsville, OH

Cupcakes & Cake Pops for Your Celebration! Baked to order.
Cake Balls Now Available!!!

Cupcake & Mini Cupcake Prices:
$24.00 per dozen or 2 dozen mini cupcakes


Specialty or Filled Cupcakes: $28.00 per dozen


Zoë's Rainbow Babies Cupcakes: $30.00 per dozen
with a portion of the proceeds donated to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio (these cupcakes cost a bit more because it takes approx. 3 hours to make one batch by hand. But they are so yummy and benefit a great cause!)

Cake Pops
$2.50 each, min. order of 6


Specialty/Character Cake Pops:

starting at $3.00, min. order of 6


Bride & Groom Cake Pops

$4.00 each, min. order 6

Cake Balls (Large, approx. the size of a medium meatball)
$36.00 per dozen

Cake Ball Minis (Bite sized)
$28.00 per 2 dozen

Cake Pops available in Chocolate, Vanilla, White Almond, Carrot Cake, Strawberry, and Red Velvet.

Custom Cake Pop Bouquets:

starting at $35.00
(includes 6 cake pops)

Cupcake Platters:
choose 1-2 flavors per platter
- add $5.00 per additional flavors
-additional charge for filled cupcakes

12" platter $40.00
14 standard cupcakes,
28 mini cupcakes

16" platter $60.00
w/approx. 28 standard cupcakes
46 mini cupcakes

Cake Ball Platters:
choose 1-2 flavors per platter
- add $5.00 per additional flavors
12" Platter $50.00
14 large cake balls

16" Platter $70.00
28 Large cake balls


add sprinkles w/no extra charge
specialty decorations may be added for an additional charge

-Edible images on cupcakes add $9.50 per dozen

The GINORMOUS Cupcake!
This is perfect for the birthday boy or girl, or for any celebration. Serves 8-10 people, and can be made in any of the flavors we currently offer for our standard and mini cupcakes. Price is $25.00 alone, or $20.00 when ordered in addition to ordering 12 or more cupcakes or cake pops. (w/ filling add $4.00)


*Chocolate Devil's Food
w/chocolate frosting

*Very Vanilla w/vanilla frosting (chocolate or strawberry also available)

*Pretty in Pink Strawberry w/whipped strawberry cream cheese frosting. 

*White almond cupcake w/vanilla frosting (REALLY yummy w/strawberry filling)

Annie's Crave Worthy Carrot Cake! Luscious ginger spiced cake loaded with raisins and shredded carrots, then topped with velvety cream cheese frosting.

Mom's Delight-...A Lemon Meringue Cupcake. Luscious lemon cake with lemon filling, topped with sweet meringue.

*Just Say Yes! -an all white cupcake w/white chocolate melted into the batter, white vanilla frosting & vanilla sparkle sugar

Happily Ever After-a pink tinted white cupcake infused w/pink champagne, topped with a pink champagne buttercream frosting, garnished with pink sugar pearls.

Pixie Dust-a blue tinted vanilla flavored cupcake topped w/light blue vanilla frosting and blue sparkle sugar. (can be done in any color)
*Golden Butter Birthday Cake w/chocolate frosting, colored sprinkles, and topped w/ a maraschino cherry or small candy (based on availability)

*Red Velvet w/cream cheese frosting

Cappuccino Chip - Cappuccino cake w/chocolate chips baked in, chocolate frosting, garnished with a chocolate covered coffee bean.

Chocolate Banana-chocolate cake w/fresh bananas mixed in, w/ banana frosting or chocolate frosting, topped with a candy banana

*Crazy for Cookies & Cream-white cupcake with oreo pieces, an oreo cookie crust on the bottom, topped with vanilla frosting and garnished w/a mini oreo

Crazy For Chocolate Cookies & Cream-chocolate cupcake with oreo pieces, an oreo cookie crust on the bottom, topped with vanilla frosting and garnished w/a mini oreo (chocolate frosting also available)

Specialty Flavors:

Karen's Buckeye Bliss
-Devil's food cupcake filled w/Nancy's special recipe peanut butter cream, topped w/ chocolate frosting and chopped PB cups.

Francisco's Favorite-an Egg Free Almond flavored cupcake w/a touch of a marizipan texture, strawberry filling, topped with vanilla frosting, white sparkle sugar, and a slivered almond. (contains dairy and gluten.)

S'mores -graham cracker crust on a Chocolate Cupcake w/ Marshmallow Creme Filling, topped w/chocolate frosting, a dusting of graham cracker crumbs, toasted marshmallows, and a piece of chocolate *Note: If you order this, I get to play with my chef's torch! WooHoo!*

*Red Velvet w/white chocolate peppermint cream cheese frosting

Mich's Salted Margarita- key lime cupcake topped with key lime buttercream, dusted with fleur de sel, and garnished with a candy lime slice, and a mini straw. (optional) Tequila can be added to the buttercream upon request.

Pretty in Pink Raspberry

Golden Butter Cake w/chocolate hazelnut filling, topped w/chocolate frosting.

Mochaccino -Cappuccino cake w/a mocha cream center and frosting, garnished with a chocolate covered coffee bean.

Sweet Melissa-Chocolate Devil's Food Cupcake w/Nancy's creamy, salted caramel center, topped with chocolate frosting and sprinkling of Fleur De Sel salt.

*Zoë's Rainbow Babies Cupcakes -a multi colored vanilla or sweet white almond cupcake topped w/vanilla frosting & rainbow sprinkles (a portion of the proceeds from this cupcake flavor will be donated to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital)


Bob's Watermelon Chip-a watermelon flavored cupcake with chocolate chips, topped with a creamy whipped watermelon buttercream frosting, and garnished with mini chocolate chips.

*can be topped w/vanilla or cream cheese frosting tinted in your choice of color)

Most can be filled with frosting or fruit filling.

Also available: egg free/dairy free/nut free chocolate or yellow cupcakes and I am working on some gluten free flavors.

+Minimum order one dozen. Flavors may be mixed when ordering 2 dozen or more, one flavor per dozen.


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